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Are you looking for an energy-efficient garage door to help save on energy bills or finding one to match your home perfectly?

Whatever the case, our knowledgeable techs are here to help keep your garage door system running optimally with recommended service and maintenance. From repairing to replacing components, 5 Star Garage Door have got you covered, whether it’s a broken spring, cable, or roller. Nashville residents, call us today for instant help!

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Looking to repair or replace your broken garage door? 5 Star Garage Door offers custom solutions to cater for your problem. Let’s check our services in detail.

Garage Door Opener

Is your car stuck? We can get you going again! We can service or repair almost any garage door opener brand. 5 Star Garage Door of Nashville™ is here to provide convenience and efficiency. Our trained and qualified team will fix your broken openers and get you rolling again. All you have to do is dial us up, and we will handle your emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Broken Spring Replace

In time, general wear and tear on springs can cause various troubles for homeowners. But good news! We are the spring experts. Damaged garage door torsion springs are not just an inconvenience—they can be hazardous. The springs are coiled around a shaft to help the door operate. If a spring breaks, your door will not move as it should, which can threaten your home and the safety of anyone inside.Call experts at (629) 333-2375 to return your springs back to their original state.

Garage Door Replacement

With time, a garage door can become broken or damaged. It’s even possible that your car clipped the bottom of the door panel when you were pulling out of the garage. If not addressed, this could cause complications with other system parts. Plus, the security and protection of its residents are also put at risk. Contact (629) 333-2375 to provide exceptional services for repairing, replacing, maintaining, and installing garage doors.

Garage Door Tune-Up

Follow scheduled maintenance plans for your garage doors and their openers to ensure optimum performance and safety in the long run. Prioritize safety at every step of the way – that way, no unexpected maintenance costs will come to you. Homeowners may not think about servicing their garage door system until there are issues with its performance. However, regular checks and inspections may save you repair bills and even increase the lifespan of your door. Call us now!

Why Choose Us?

At 5 Star Garage Door, we provide the best garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services in Nashville, TN. Our licensed technicians are experienced and trained for years to ideally handle your garage door needs. We prioritize the customer experience and safety while selecting products that will get along in the long run. Sit back and enjoy the convenience garage door services from our experts!

Moreover, our truck comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools and replacement items to avoid back-and-forth trips to the store. We understand how discouraging it gets to be promised something else and later find extra fees and costs on the bill. To avoid that, we guarantee clear and honest pricing from the start. That means no surprise service call fees or any other obligations you won't know about until it's too late.

We understand you have a busy life, and getting out of time for garage door service can be extremely hectic. Therefore, we provide a 24-hour local repair that arrives at your preferred time and completes the job correctly in one go. Our specialists will ensure your home is safe, stylish and convenient again.

Even in emergencies, we'll arrive to address your needs. We know that some of you may try to carry out the repair process yourselves, but doing so can be dangerous. We highly recommend calling in a professional to stay out of danger and avoid further damage to the door.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get a free estimation from us today and experience fair and transparent pricing.

You can trust in the quality, professionalism, responsiveness, reliability, and unrivaled knowledge of our garage door services. You’re guaranteed to get a team of garage door experts in TN who will amaze you at how much we care about every little detail and ensuring that every single garage door needs your high level of satisfaction.

About Us

We here at 5 Star Garage Door are dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost quality and service. Our experienced staff have been giving superior service for decades, delivering thousands of projects with smiling customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction always and work hard to achieve it. 

Garage doors are the entrance to your home; therefore, leaving them unattended might be a risk to your home’s security. We provide a wide range of garage door services for Nashville property owners, from repairs and replacements to maintenance and technology upgrades.

Furthermore, our prices are always fair and transparent, so you get value for every penny you spend. Our main priority is executing the job effectively. We take safety seriously regarding garage doors and are always available to help you. 

Once the job is done, we make sure good results are achieved and the door is secured. We understand the struggle that comes along with an inoperable garage door. To tackle that, we guarantee reliable services, rapid assistance and reasonable rates for each repair and installation we do.

Does your garage door need repair work? Our service trucks carry all the required parts, so we can assist with broken torsion springs or extension springs, rollers, hinges, bottom seals, bearing plates, tracks, or anything else. Our excellent services and commitment to ethics make us the go-to choice for so many. If you want to join our community of countless satisfied customers, ring us at (629) 333-2375.

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Want to upgrade your property’s garage door to make it more aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, and safe? Email info@5-stargaragedoor.com or call (629) 333-2375 for a free estimate or further queries!

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